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Why Join?

WMC aims to work on various projects for their members. For these project it also needs the support and involvement of its members. Some of the benefits of membership are as follows:

  • WMC will organize an international script lab where the selected projects of WMC members will be shared with well known script consultants. The members will have the opportunity to work with a script consultant to develop their own projects.
  • WMC aims to found a “women film fund” which will support the projects of WMC members.
  • WMC will share important information for labs, funds and also databases of film professionals with their member through various online platforms. (Whtsapp, googledrive,etc.)
  • The WMC catalogue with the projects of the members will be shared important companies, film funds, private funders and various institutions.
  • WMC shares the news about their members (such as release dates, festival news, development news etc.) on the social media accounts and help to raise the visibility of the projects.


WMC Membership Rules

  • To be a woman film professional who embrace the goals of WMC
  • To be a resident of Near Eastern, Asian or Balkan countries
  • Should have directed or produced at least one feature length film (fiction, documentary or experimental) or to be the director of a short film which was screened in film festivals
  • To have a reference of one WMC member
  • To attend at least four of WMC meetings in one year (every member can attend the meetings in their own country)

WMC Membership Process

  • After the eligible candidates fill and sign the membership form, the organization commitee evaluates the applications and activate the membership.
  • If a country has more than 5 members, they will establish their own group. One representative will share information with WMC Turkey about their meetings and projects.

Join Us

Join Us